Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Put Scoop.it On Your WordPress, Blogger Blog Or Your Website

Author: Gagan Masoun
Put Scoop.it On Your WordPress, Blogger Blog Or Your WebsiteSocial Media sites seem to be the most dominating element of the Internet world. Whether it is business or entertainment, social media sites have a big role to play. When it comes to online marketing or any kind of business involvement on the net, it is difficult to find one without the interference of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Such has been the power of social media marketing.

Scoop.it is yet another social media site that is gaining momentum quickly. It is a semi-automated platform for curation that crawls across the web as per pre-determined criteria. It allows curator to reposition and review filtered contents before publishing. After curating the content material, Scoop.it lets the curator publish the content in an attractive manner. After every post is published the web magazine turns into multiple pages and thereafter it becomes an outstanding resource for a certain niche or topic. Depending on the followers of the web magazine, the curator can build another set of audience to supplement the existing base.

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When and Why Should You Use Scoop.it?

When you have any of the following issues;
  • You are struggling to update your site and audience with fresh and quality contents
  • You have no time to write on your own blogs
  • When you are looking for different methods to increase your visitors
  • You want to maximize your service to your customer base
  • Want to lay a foundation for yourself as a leader on specific topics. 
  • Want to increase your visibility on social media
  • When you need other sources of distribution channel to spread your ideas 
If any of the above conditions is what you are looking for, then here are a few super ways to increase your presence on the web and add value to your business.

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The Profile Name

On registering for Scoop.it, you need to choose a profile name. The name should be in line with your social media goals. If you are on the verge of building a personal brand, you can assign a personal name. On the other hand, for a business brand, you can assign a business name. Once the name is created and you’ve signed in, the name is locked in the URL and this name will appear in every article you curate. Read Also: 10+ Tips To Identify Fake Profiles On Facebook

Add Your Bio Data 

Create a bio data of 225 characters and make sure they make good sense. This section can be used to add hyperlinks and share more information. On registering you are asked to link to the primary social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter. These accounts will be available to your visitors when they visit your profile. The links that you intend to add in your bio data must complement the primary accounts.

The Profile Picture 

If you are making use of your curated magazine to enhance your social media presence you might need to have a profile picture. A profile picture creates a natural and personal connection with readers. If you want to just post information about your business, you might just want to have business logo that represents your brand. 

Be Careful In Choosing The Right Topic

Your topic speaks for you. Choose your topic carefully as that will take up the URL of your web magazine. The topic is one of the key factors for your readers to locate you. You may also consider uploading a topic image that will give you yet another opportunity to brand.

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Social media sites are truly powerful tools when you want to market your brand. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Scoop.it, you need to analyze the best ways to market. Remember you are not the only one battling in the field.        

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