Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How To Set Up A Google+ Local Page

Author: Gagan Masoun
How To Set Up A Google+ Local PageContrary to popular belief, Google+ isn't an empty stadium with tumbleweeds blowing past and a few Facebook users shaking their heads in pity. No, there are actually over 400 million users registered with over 100 million users online monthly. Taking advantage of this resource is important, especially if you’re a business owner.

Social media can increase your revenue by a substantial margin, so getting on the big hitters like Facebook, Twitter and, indeed, Google+ is highly recommended.

A local Google+ page is different from other types of pages you find because they offer certain geographical benefits. Customers can be easily connected through the information provided via a business’s physical location.

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A local page can include lots of useful information such as the address, phone number and opening times of your business -all the stuff you want customers to know.  However, the page is more than just a directory. It also shares the many functions of other Google+ pages, such as creating circles and starting/joining hangouts. The great thing is you can create a real community and engage with customers through content sharing and photo posting too!

So, you probably want to know how to actually make one of these things. Well, this is going to get you on the right path:
  • First, you need to create a Google+ profile if you haven’t already done so. Don’t worry, we’ll wait here. Go on, see you soon. 
  • Created one? Good, welcome back. Now, you need to click on this icon icon, which can be found on the left hand side.
  • See the CREATE A NEW PAGE button in the upper right side? Hit that bad boy.
  • Select the Local Business or Place category
  • Simply enter your business phone number and hit LOCATE. This should be a business line and not a personal number.
  • If your business is listed, then you should be able to now see it. Click on the name. Don’t worry if there’s anything not quite right because you’ll be able to edit later on. If you can’t see your business, then you need to click ADD YOUR BUSINESS TO GOOGLE. You could also LOOK UP A DIFFERENT NUMBER if you use several numbers. 
  • Basically, it’s a fill-in-the-form section. Here you can create all the basic information about your business such as the name, number and address. Then confirm it.
  • Now you can get a little more specific. You can add categories to specify exactly what type of business you have. This can be done in the CATEGORY section. You can even select a specific age requirement if you feel that’s appropriate for your business too.
  • Almost there. Just hit the CREATE button and voila! This is your basic local Google+ page. There’s a lot more you can do with it now, such as add opening times and your website details etc. 
Remember, the more informative and unique you can make your page, the more interest it will generate.

Author - Written on behalf of Custard; a full service marketing agency that offers insightful and innovative online/offline solutions.


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