Thursday, October 11, 2012

How To Make Someone's Name On Facebook Into A Link?

Author: Gagan Masoun
Make Someone's Name On Facebook Into A Link
Today's tutorial for newbies of Facebook.If you are thinking to post a status update on your Facebook profile, you can tag your Fb friends you are with.You can also mention your friends name in your status comment with their profile link.Tagging a Facebook user embeds them into the post so that clicking on their name takes you to their profile.

It is one of the many features Facebook has implemented to encourage interaction between users. Previously, friend tagging was performed by simply typing the user's name in the update or using the "@" symbol. Now, you can find dedicated button to embed Facebook users in your status updates.

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How to Mention Facebook Friends In Post

Step 1
Go to

Step 2
Click the "Update Status" link at the top of your Facebook home page.

Step 3
Write your Facebook status message in the provided blank box.

Step 4
Click the "Add Friends" button in the bottom left corner of the status update box.

Add Friends

Step 5
Type the name of the Facebook friends that you want to mention in the post "Who are you with?" Select the Facebook friends from the drop down list of results to add them to the post.

Facebook Status Update - Add Friends

Step 6
Click the "Post" button to post the status update.

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How To Make Someone's Name On Facebook Into A Link?

I am sharing this trick also because of the amount of searches on the topic "how can I make someone's name go blue in a Facebook status?" it seems it's not universally known.It is so easy:
  • Put @ in front of their FULL name with no space after the at symbol.You can do this in your status or comment.
How To Make Someone's Name On Facebook Into A Link

For example:
Watching movie with @Ritika

When you start typing their name any matches will show in a drop down and you can click on their name instead of typing the whole thing.

If you our help then ask via comments.Facebook rocks,,!!!

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  1. How do We Make a Name Link On Facebook?

    1. By using @ before writing a name you can make a name on Facebook.