Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Matt Cutts: What Is Google's View On Guest Blogging For Links?

Author: Gagan Masoun
Matt Cutts: What Is Google's View On Guest Blogging For Links?Guest blogging is the best way to connect with other people within the blogosphere, grow relationships with other blog readers, and increase traffic for their own blogs.With the help of Guest blogging your network will increase dramatically & seriously you will get tons of traffic for your blog.

I am the big fan of Matt Cutts & his techniques.In this article you read & watch the video about Matt Cutts: What Is Google's View On Guest Blogging For Links?.Let's start the article:

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Matt Cutts is the head of webspam (and thus SEO) at Google. Matt Cutts, uploaded a new Webmaster Help video. This one is about What Is Google's View On Guest Blogging For Links?.

According to me Matt does a excellent job explaining it can be good to have a reputable, high-quality writer do guest posts on your blog, and that it can be a good way for some lesser-known writers to generate exposure. However…

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“Sometimes it get taken to extremes,” he says. “You’ll see people writing…offering the same blog post multiple times or spinning the blog posts, offering them to multiple outlets. It almost becomes like low-quality article banks.”

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Obviously, this isn’t the route you want to go.

“When you’re just doing it as a way to sort of turn the crank and get a massive number of links, that’s something where we’re less likely to want to count those links,” he says .

Matt Cutts: What Is Google's View On Guest Blogging For Links

Guest blogging can play a useful role in your blogging profession and you can get a lot of success with it.But, always keep in mind don't accept less quality guest blog post.If any guest blogger approach you to publish their content on your blog then first of all check the quality of guest post.

Have you ever wrote a guest blog post? Have you ever hosted a guest blogger on your blog?

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