Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Many Of Your Twitter Followers Are Fake?

Author: Gagan Masoun
How Many Of Your Twitter Followers Are Fake
Are you a Twitter user & want to know how many spammy or "fake" accounts are following you then check out a new service called Status People Fake Followers Check.This web service developed by a group named StatusPeople, the service scan your Twitter account and tells how many of your followers are good, inactive, or fake.

In my (@BlogsDaddy) case, it informed me that 93 percent of the accounts were good, 6 percent inactive, and 1 percent fake.

How to Find Fake Twitter Followers

Status People Fake Followers Check
  • Now, App Will Take Some Time For Processing, Finally You Will Get Result As Seen In Image Below Of @BlogsDaddy Twitter Account

BlogsDaddy Faker Scoers

Service providers says it's working to enhance the accuracy of the service.They are planning to offer a spam removal tool, which would help you track down and remove any accounts that you discover are fake.I hope you like this article. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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