Saturday, July 7, 2012

How to Create a Grab Button/Badge For Your Blog

Author: Gagan Masoun
How to Create a Grab Button/Badge For Your Blog
Are you searching for adding a link with us badge in your blog or website? Then you’re lucky that you came to right place. Today in this useful post I will simplify the tutorial "How to Create A Grab Our Button/Badge Widget And Add It To Blogger/Blogspot Blogs?". Let's Start.

Grab our badge is a powerful way to promote your blog via other blogs help,Your blog readers can easily add this on their blogs. See demo on our blog

How to Create a Grab Button/Badge For Your Blog

  • Go to CoolText, GRSites and AdamKalsey. But I Prefer You All CoolText Is Best. Now Choose A Logo Style As Shown In Picture Below
Grab Badge For Your Blog
2. Select PIXEL BADGE LOGO. And follow the image instructions below.

  • After Customize All Options Click On RENDER LOGO Button At Bottom Left and Download The Image.
  • Upload It and Get URL Of The Downloaded Image

Follow Next Steps Setup Code 1 and Setup Code 2

  • Setup Code 1
<center><div dir="ltr" style="text-align: center;" trbidi="on"> <a href="Blog URL"><img alt="" src="IMAGE URL" title="Blogging Tricks N Tips" /></a></div></center>
  • Replace Blog URL With Your Blog URL
  • Replace IMAGE URL With Your Uploaded Badge URL
  • Replace Blogging Tricks N Tips With Title Which You Want On Mouse Hovering

How To Add It On Your Blog?

  • Copy Above Code After Customizing and Paste It In Notepad
  • Encode Copied Code Using HTML Code Encoder
  • Setup Code 2
<center> <input type="text" onclick="this.focusundefined);this.selectundefined)" readonly value="Paste Encoded Code" /> </center>
  • Replace Paste Encoded Code With Encoded Code
  • Now Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout
  • Then Select Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript. 
  • Copy and Paste Setup Code 1 Just Below That Paste Setup Code 2 and Give Title (Grab Our Button) 
  • Now Save Your Changes and Visit Your Blog, Its Done


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