Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Build A Business Using Freelancers

Author: Gagan Masoun
How to Build A Business Using Freelancers
Starting your own business might seem like a daunting task but this is certainly not impossible! You can always start your own online business by using freelancers who will help build the services that you want to provide. However, it can be tough to figure out what it is that you want to do or how you will actually market your business.

If you are looking to really become an online entrepreneur, then you should really consider using the help of professions from who are capable of getting the work done. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best services from freelancers out there. 

Know Your Budget

when you are trying to find the best internet marketing services UK has to offer, you need to know how much you are willing to spend. Depending upon services offered, freelancers will have different price demands and hence you cannot just hope that you can pay them a certain amount and then be happy. This can lead to a lot of problems and so you should establish your budget right away. The nice thing about working with freelancers is that they can be flexible and you can certainly just negotiate. 

Know Your Budget

Know What You Need

Create a list of people that you would need to create your business. Whether it is designers, writers, or editors, it is important that you know what you need and how much you want to spend on them. Freelancers are all over the internet and so you should know that you have an endless list of people to choose from. When you know what you need, you will be able to make the process run smoother. 

Know What You Need

Choose Wisely 

Choosing freelancers can be really tough, so you need to choose wisely. Look at the freelancer's past work and see if you are happy with their work. Not too many people will "standout" but when someone does, make sure that you talk to them right away. 

Choose Wisely

Once you are able to create your team, it is important that you learn how to keep in touch with them. Don't just tell them what to do and then hope that everything will run smoothly. You are the boss and your company's success will solely depend on how well you perform as a boss. If you want to truly succeed in your business, then you should think about finding the best freelancers for your business.

Freelancing Leader, the one and only leader in freelancing field, has grown into the largest outsourcing marketplace in the world with nearly 3.9 million (and counting) registered freelancers, across the world.

Browse through this list of potential freelance fields to find out what kind of freelance career might be right for you on
  1. Accounting (CPA)
  2. Administrative Assistance
  3. Advertising – Design
  4. Advertising – Other
  5. Advertising – Sales
  6. Advertising Consultant
  7. Animation
  8. Architecture
  9. Audio Production
  10. Bookkeeping
  11. Bulk Mailings
  12. Bumper Sticker Design
  13. Business / Venture Funding
  14. Business Planning
  15. Business Writing – Brochures / Newsletters
  16. Business Writing – Complaint Letters
  17. Business Writing – Grants
  18. Business Writing – News Articles
  19. Business Writing – Other
  20. Business Writing – Proposals
  21. Business Writing – Resumes
  22. Business Writing – White Papers
  23. CAD
  24. Career Counseling
  25. Catering
  26. Computer Networking
  27. Computer Programming
  28. Computer Technician
  29. Computer Training
  30. Copywriting
  31. Creative Writing – Children’s Books
  32. Creative Writing – Magazine Articles
  33. Creative Writing – Novels
  34. Creative Writing – Other
  35. Creative Writing – Play writing
  36. Creative Writing – Poetry
  37. Creative Writing – Screenwriting
  38. Creative Writing – Short Stories
  39. Customer Service
  40. Data Entry
  41. Desktop Publishing
  42. E-commerce
  43. Editing
  44. Employee Recruitment – Employment Agency
  45. Engineering – Civil
  46. Engineering – Electrical
  47. Engineering – Mechanical
  48. Engineering – Other
  49. Environmental Consulting
  50. Event Planning
  51. Event Promotion
  52. Fact-Checking
  53. Fashion Design
  54. Financial Planning
  55. Fine Arts – Other
  56. Fine Arts – Painting
  57. Fine Arts – Sculpture
  58. Fitness Consultant / Personal Trainer
  59. Graphic Design
  60. Home Cleaning
  61. Home Maintenance
  62. Horse Training
  63. House Painter
  64. Illustration – Cartoons/Comic Strips
  65. Illustration – Children’s Books
  66. Illustration – Greeting Cards
  67. Illustration – Other
  68. Image Management
  69. Interior Design
  70. International Business Consulting
  71. Internet / Web Marketing
  72. Investment Management
  73. Landscape Design
  74. Landscaping / Gardening
  75. Management Consulting
  76. Marketing Consultant
  77. Mechanic
  78. Medical Transcription
  79. Medicine – General Consulting
  80. Medicine – Holistic
  81. Medicine – Mental Health Consulting
  82. Medicine – Other
  83. Medicine – Physical Therapy
  84. Modeling
  85. Mystery Shopping
  86. Nutritionist
  87. Mural Paintings
  88. Paralegal
  89. Performance – Acting
  90. Performance – Musical Instruments
  91. Performance – Other
  92. Performance – Singing
  93. Personal Assistant
  94. Personal Chef
  95. Personal Shopper
  96. Pet Grooming
  97. Photography – Fashion
  98. Photography – Nature
  99. Photography – Other
  100. Photography – Photojournalism
  101. Photography – Portraits
  102. Photography – Travel
  103. Photography – Weddings
  104. PowerPoint Presentation Design
  105. Project Management
  106. Proofreader
  107. Public Relations Consultant
  108. Public Speaking
  109. Publishing
  110. Real Estate
  111. Research – Customer Satisfaction
  112. Research – Family History / Genealogy
  113. Research – Mailing List Development
  114. Research – Market
  115. Research – Other
  116. Sales
  117. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist
  118. Skills Training – Leadership / Management
  119. Skills Training – Public Speaking
  120. Skills Training – Stress Management
  121. Skills Training – Time Management
  122. Tax Planning
  123. Technical Writing – Educational Texts
  124. Technical Writing – Other
  125. Tee Shirt Design
  126. Telemarketing
  127. Translation – Print
  128. Translation – Vocal
  129. Travel Planning / Travel Agent
  130. Tutoring
  131. Typing
  132. Video Production – Commercials
  133. Video Production – Independent Films
  134. Video Production – Music Videos
  135. Video Production – Other
  136. Video Production – Public Service Announcements
  137. Video Production – Weddings
  138. Virtual Assistant
  139. Voice Talents
  140. Web Design
  141. Web Programming
  142. Many More..........!!!, with more than 1.6 million posted projects and staggering $130 million USD of occurred transaction so far, is thus unarguably the “eBay for services”

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This can be made very simple when you build your business by considering Freelancer advice.


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