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4 Easy Ways To Manage Your Blog During Exams

Author: Gagan Masoun
4 Easy Ways To Manage Your Blog During ExamsToday, I want to discuss about "4 Easy Ways To Manage Your Blog During Exams"Because exams are biggest problem for student bloggers, every student blogger faces this problem and they get confused whether to concentrate on exams or their own blog. Even if they leave blogging concentrate on exams, their mind will still be focused on blogging itself.

I was also looking for the solution but now I find it and I'm able to tell you about how to manage your blogs during exams. 

1. Seek Your Friend’s Help 

Every bloggers has a lot of friends in their blogging circle. So, you should make strong relationship with some honest bloggers. A cup of tea can do this. Ask your friends to manage your blog until your exams finish, like writing blog posts, approved guest posts, approving blog posts comments, sharing your new posts on social networking websites, etc by giving him the admin rights during the exams, you can pay him/her some money or if he/she is your fast friend then they can do it free for you. 

"Friendship make prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it."

2. Make Use Of Free Time 

We know that in between each exam one or two holidays are common,  In this mean time you can do a little blogging work for example - approving comments, make come talk with clients, fellow bloggers and visitors. But these are your exams days. So don’t drag the conversations and sit in front of your PC for a long time because you have to appear your exam on the next day. Try to use other methods for blogging instead of sit in-front of your personal computer. You can use smartphone for this purpose.

3. Hiring Content Writers 

There are a lot of young pro bloggers today. If you are also one of them and you are writing 6-7 posts daily for your blog then you should hire a content writers So you don’t miss your loyal readers interest of reading your blog posts daily. If you want to increase your blog traffic or want more loyal readers for your blog then you should hire famous content writers.

4. Getting Guest Posts 

If you don't want to pay money to content writers then here is only way getting guest posting to your blog. There are a lot of guest bloggers available. 

How to Get Guest Posts Easily? 

You can easily get guest posts if your blog has good PageRank (Google Pr) and huge traffic on it, But if you are not getting mails from guest writers then try another method, Use Google search, make a list of guest writers and send them invitation for writing for your blog. Check your mailbox after 7-8 hours, definitely they will reply your mail.

You can also get guest posts from number of authors, I am sharing some websites which do this work to you. 

List Of 6 Websites That Will Help You To Get Good Guest Bloggers

I am also using these methods to manage my blog during the exams and if you have any other ideas/methods please share with me and the readers know about them.

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