Monday, June 16, 2014

Add Most Commented Posts Widget to Blogger Blog

Author: Gagan Masoun
Most Commented Posts Widget
Blogger has already these important widgets such as: popular blog posts, recent posts, RSS feed. But today I am going to share brand new widget. This widget will help you to showcase a list of most commented posts in the sidebar of your blog. With this widget you can attract more readers to your blog for discussion on most commented posts. Also you will get comments on new posts. In this article, we will reveal that how to display most commented posts in blogger blog's sidebar.

First of all go to your blogger dashboard. Now go to Layout >> Sidebar >> Add a gadget >> Add HTML/JavaScript and in the HTML Text widget paste the following piece of code:
<!-- Most Commented Posts Widget Start -->
<script type="text/javascript">
function getYpipePP(feed) {
 document.write('<ol style="">');
 var i;
 for (i = 0; i < feed.count ; i++)
var href = "'" + feed.value.items[i].link + "'";
var pTitle = feed.value.items[i].title;
var pComment = " \(" + feed.value.items[i].commentcount + "\)";
var pList = "<li>" + "<a href="+ href + '" target="_blank">' + pTitle;
 document.write(pComment); //to remove comment count delete this line
 <script src="
<span style="font-size: 80%; float:right;"><a href="" target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Get Your Own</a></span>
<!-- Most Commented Posts Widget End -->


To show your most commented posts just make simple changes in this widget. You just need to replace (Red Highlighted) with your blog URL. This widget will show 10 posts by default but if you want to decrease or increase the amount then simply replace 10 (Green Highlighted) to your desired number.

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Now, press the “Save” button and it's all done. Congratulations, you have successfully installed a most commented posts widget to your blogger blog.

Share your experience and problems related to this plugin via comments below. And if you like this post then please share it via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. Thanks and Stay Blessed :)


  1. Very helpful for Blogger users. With WordPress the use of Plugins makes the addition of this widget easy.

    For many bloggers that have no coding knowledge, copying and pasting this code becomes very handy!

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  3. Helpful coding Gagan, thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey there, Gagan!

    So great of you to share this one with us.

    Surely a lot more will find this widget useful. It’s awesome that you get to see those top commented blogs, you get to know what your viewers got interested in and responded more to.

    Maybe you’ll have an idea on what to write next, because you now can determine what your viewers favorite/interested topic is now.

    Anyway, Thanks for sharing~ :)

    More power!


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  5. Hi Gagan,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial with us. Although am not a blogspot user but that is my root. I started with the blogspot platform before migratng to wordpress. I never know of this widget during those days.

    Adding MOST COMMENTED widget to a blogger blog is a way of encouraging more blog visitors to drop comment and also a way to show appreciation to blog commenter of your blog. It gives commenter more exposure and this will surely leads to more engagement on someone's blog because every blogger wants to be noticed :)

    I love the way you simplify the tutorial, that even my 12-year-old cousin will be able to add MOST COMMENTED WIDGET to any blogger vblog.

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