Saturday, June 14, 2014

How To Improve Your Blog's Domain Authority

Author: Gagan Masoun
Improve Your Blog's Domain Authority
The Domain Authority is a sign of your blog or website's reputation and ranking in Google and other search engines. Domain Authority (DA) is a website/blog metric developed by Moz, this is one of the most important factor in terms of SEO. I already did an article on how to find difference between Moz Page Authority and Domain Authority. After a long time, I'm here again to share some ways to improve your domain authority.

What is Domain Authority?

I have already discussed about Domain Authority in my previous article. If you want to access the previous post then click here.

Useful Ways to Improve Your Domain Authority

1. Improve SEO

As I've already told in above that DA is an important factor in SEO. So, you need to improve your website or blog's overall SEO, and that includes all the on page and off page stuff such as website structure, sitemaps, meta tags, original content, social bookmarking, classified ads, guest blogging, URL structure, breadcrumbs, keywords, alt tags, and so on.

2. Unique Content

Unique content is the key of success in blogging profession. But its not enough to write only useful content for your readers. I know that your readers always share your content on their social media profiles. But they never link to your content. So try to write some more unique linkable content. For example: If you have developed any widget then definitely if people will share the widget code on their blogs then they will link to your original code.

That's what I want to say to you. Now, its depend on your what type of content you want to publish on your blogs.

3. Internal-Linking

Bloggers are crazy for backlinks. But they give less importance to internal linking. Although internal linking is much beneficial for your readers and search engines that crawl and index your blog. Recently I have visited one blog (, only 75 backlinks and 33,252 worldwide alexa. They are using internal linking and social media technique to promote new/old blog posts.

4. Clean up Low Quality Links

Please clean up low quality spammy links from your website. They can be play a great role to harm your website. If there are so many bad links then make a time table to clean 10-20 spammy links. I have undergone through Google's manual action penalty.

5. Patience is the key

Old Age domains are getting higher DA. It takes time to build the domain authority. If you're working on your blog or website in the right way, you should see your DA increase slowly. It all doesn't happen within a hours or day.

Better quality content means lot of sharing. Huge sharing means good traffic and traffic can provide you some backlinks so your DA will be increase dramatically. Good Luck :)


  1. I've gone heavy on internal linking recently Gagan. So key to get that down. Thanks Gagan!

    1. Yes, As I said above internal linking is important to make good reputation of your website in search engines. Thanks for comment :)


  2. Improving Domain Authority of a blog is a function of improving quality. I agree that the SEO strategy and quality content of blog be improved for DA.

    Hence, Domain Authority readily answers to quality content and quality back links.

    The useful ways shared here are on track! At least, they can help the blog get improved changes in their authority!

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    Sunday - Contributor to

    1. Hello Sunday,

      Domain Authority tells about your blogs quality. No doubt we should take care of our blog's SEO.

      Quality content and quality backlinks are most important for any blog.


  3. hello

    Point number 4, clean up low quality backlinks is a relevant point apart from other points. well as per my understanding - this will be part of algorithmic penalty and not manual action. well your comments on this?

  4. Domain Authority is also one of the most valuable thing in a blog. or simply we can defile it as: Domain Authority = Quality of Blog. Many people care about the domain authority and they work on it but some don't care and they goes suffer.

    I have also noticed that all expert blogger who love to share guest post on various blogs they always ask about the Domain Authority of blog before sharing a guest article to publish. Thank you so much Bro for sharing these helpful points. I think 4th point "Clean up Low Quality Links" is much needed.

    I got this precious piece of thought on and became attract to read completely.

  5. Essential points are listened, great work.
    What is your experience how long does it take to build a good domain authority?

  6. Awesome post to get domain authority thanks a lot for sharing with us.