Friday, January 24, 2014

How to Install and Setup Google Publisher Plugin On WordPress?

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google Publisher Plugin
Are you using self-hosted WordPress for your blog or website? If you are a real blogger then its true that you're using Google services such as Google AdSense, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Custom Search, Google Analytics, Google Maps etc. Now, Google is promoting their social network Google+. Its very important to join Google+ for every blogger. Many bloggers start their blogging carrier with Blogspot - a free blogging platform.

But if you don't run your blog on Blogspot, and you use WP instead, you can try the brand new Google Publisher Beta Plugin for WordPress. Today in this tutorial you will learn how to install and setup Google Publisher Plugin on your WordPress blog.

What is Google Publisher Plugin?

You can easily download this plugin from the WP plugins directory, or directly through your WordPress dashboard. Below, I am going to share direct link to download the plugin. Download it, and then upload it to your WordPress site via Dashboard » Plugins » Add New. If you don't know about it then read this guide.

Go to your WordPress admin panel and click on Plugins » Add New. Search for “Google Publisher Plugin” and you should see results like the image below:

Click on the Install Now button and then activate the plugin. In above image I have already installed this plugin.

Right now, you can only access two of the major Google products, namely Google AdSense, and Google Webmaster Tools.

Google AdSense - You can generate money by placing ads on your blog/site. This plugin integrates your GA account with your WordPress site, and makes it very simple to place ads on your WP site. If you don't have any knowledge about HTML then don't worry because there is no need to manually modify any HTML code!

Google Webmaster Tools - With this you'll get full reports about your pages' visibility on Google. You can easily verify your site in Webmaster Tools with a single click.

Remember - This plugin is still in its beta phase. Google is still adding so many feature to make this plugin great for WP users.

We hope that you found this tutorial useful. We are also using Google Publisher Plugin and we recommend you to do the same.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask in the comments below. Stay tuned :)

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  1. The Google Publisher Plugin (beta) though in beta stage is an awesome plugin that contains the Google services we mostly use, imagine adding adsense on your site by just using a simple point-and-click UI. The Google Publisher Plugin allows you to: Easily add AdSense ads to your site to make money from advertising, and Verify your site with Webmaster Tools with just one click.