Friday, December 27, 2013

How to Add Flare Social Widget To Blogger Blogs

Author: Gagan Masoun
How to Add Flare Social Widget To Blogger Blogs
Hello everyone, It has been a long time I din't share new widget as I was busy with my family occasions. I am free now so I'm back here for sharing some awesome Blogger widgets with my readers. I have already shared too many widgets for blogger and wordpress blogs. Today, I am going to share one another widget for blogger blogs which is called "Flare - Get the attention your content deserves". It is truly awesome widget for blogspot blogs. It contains popular social sharing buttons including the number of total share or say Flare Score.

How To Install Flare On Blogger?

Follow some simple steps by which you can add the Flare Widget easily on your blog.

1. Go to Flare Installation Page.

2. Click on Install Now button at the right sidebar of page.

3. Now, Enter your Email Id and Signup.

4. Now you will get your own custom code snippet there, just copy it and paste it before </head> code in your HTML. After copying Save the Template.

5. Now click I'm Ready and then enter your Blog Home Page link there and hit Check Domain.

6. After successful checking you will get three api apps, select Flare and then you need to do some customization's.

7. Select the Flare from Left Sidebar, Click on Create New, after that let it load the social icons and customization filaments.

8. Select the Social Buttons which you want and then try other options like shape, color gradient, icon color,  icon logo color, selection of position of flare bar etc.

If you need any help regarding this post simply drop your comment here or feel free to contact with me. Your views and opinions are appreciated. Stay Blessed :)


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