Tuesday, October 29, 2013

40+ Best Time Saving WordPress Shortcuts

Author: Gagan Masoun
WordPress Shortcuts
Blog software WordPress has its own keyboard shortcut keys. If you are looking for good tips on how to save time while writing and reading posts in WordPress, then you need to use these best shortcuts. You can use special WordPress shortcut keys for different tasks. In this short article, I will share 45+ WordPress keyboard shortcut keys that can help speed up the process. Here’s the quick and easy way to view the shortcuts made available while composing posts and pages:

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Visual Post Editor

Now, WordPress has a slightly modified version of Tiny MCE editor. It appears on the Visual tab in WP post editor. It is a wonderful text editor with formatting buttons same as MS Office. Many bloggers use their mouse inside post editor. I recommend you to use keyboard shortcuts. If you are working on Mac then you can use Command key instead of Ctrl.

  • Ctrl + b = Bold
  • Ctrl + i = Italic
  • Ctrl + c = Copy
  • Ctrl + v = Paste
  • Ctrl + x = Cut
  • Ctrl + a = Select All
  • Ctrl + z = Undo
  • Ctrl + y = Redo
  • Ctrl + [number] = Insert heading sizes, e.g. CTRL+1 = <h1>, CTRL+2 = <h2>.
  • Alt + Shift + n = Check Spelling
  • Alt + Shift + l = Align Left
  • Alt + Shift + j = Justify Text
  • Alt + Shift + c = Align Center
  • Alt + Shift + d = Strikethrough
  • Alt + Shift + r = Align Right
  • Alt + Shift + u = Unordered List
  • Alt + Shift + a = Insert link
  • Alt + Shift + o = Numeric List
  • Alt + Shift + s = Remove link
  • Alt + Shift + q = Quote
  • Alt + Shift + m = Insert Image
  • Alt + Shift + w = Full screen distraction free writing mode
  • Alt + Shift + t = Insert More Tag
  • Alt + Shift + p = Insert Page Break tag
  • Alt + Shift + h = Rich text editor help

Plain Text Editor WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Plain text editor is a also a part of your post editor under the Text tab. It has all basic formatting buttons and you can see all the html in the editor area. There are just a few shortcuts for plain text editor in WordPress.
  • Ctrl + c = Copy
  • Ctrl + v = Paste
  • Ctrl + x = Cut
  • Ctrl + z = Undo
  • Ctrl + y = Redo
  • Ctrl + p = Print
  • Alt + Shift + p = Publish
  • Alt + Shift + f = Fullscreen distraction free writing

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments Screen

Spam comments are the biggest problem for bloggers. If your blog receive a lot of spam comments then you can moderate comments easily using keyboard shortcut keys for comment management. But you have to enable these shortcuts before using because they are not enabled by default. To do this you need to go to Users » Your Profile and check Keyboard Shortcuts check box. Now, save your profile and go back to comments screen in admin area. Shortcuts are:
  • J = Next comment (moves the current selection down)
  • K = Previous comment (moves the current selection up)
  • A = Approve comment
  • U = Unapprove comment
  • D = Delete comment
  • R = Reply comment
  • Q = Quick edit a comment
  • Z = Restore Comment from Trash or Undo if you Delete a comment
Important Note - For the selection of multiple comments press X to check the selected comment and press J or K keys to move to next or previous comment. See keyboard shortcuts for comments:
  • Shift + A = Approve checked comments
  • Shift + D = Delete checked comments
  • Shift + U = Unapprove selected comments
  • Shift + T = Move selected comments to trash
  • Shift + Z = Restore selected comments from trash

I hope this article would help you.  Did you know about these WP keyboard shortcut keys? Do you use them? If not, then why? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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    These are some great WordPress shortcuts. Many of these shortcuts are new to me and I've never heard of them before.

    I just bookmarked your site so I could easily find it when I need to use some of them. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.

    1. I am glad to know that you liked this tutorial. Thanks Susan :)

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