Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What's New Improvements To The Blogger Template HTML Editor

Author: Gagan Masoun
Improvements To The Blogger Template HTML Editor
Are you using Blogger/Blogspot platform for your blogging profession? Are you web developer who builds templates for others, or a internet-savvy blog owner who loves to modify your template using HTML, CSS or JavaScript then we have a good news for all of you. Recently  Blogger engineers team have officially announced an improvement to the Blogger Template HTML Editor.

In this article, we will discuss what's new improvements to the Blogger Template HTML Editor. Take a look please:

Little About Blogger Template HTML Editor

Blogger has two types of HTML Editors 1 is for making new articles and second is for editing your blog template. Your blogger blog is build up with HTML that supervisions the appearance of your blog. You can easily customize your templates through tweaking the coding present in the HTML Editor. You can use the editor by going to the >> Your Site >> Templates >> Edit HTML.

Supports Line Numbering

The improved HTML template editor now supports line numbering to make editing your template much easier. With this feature you can easily fix errors now such as: “Error parsing XML, line 111, column 2”. It was the main limitation in blogger's Template HTML editor.

Supports Line Numbering

Syntax Highlighter:

It is a feature of few text editors that show text - especially source code - in different colors and fonts according to the category of terms. For your better understanding they added this feature also.

Blogspot Syntax Highlighter

“Jump To The Widget” Feature:

Use the new “Jump to widget” drop down, another wonderful feature “Jump to the widget” tool that helps you to easily locate the “Blog1” widget and others attached to your blog. 

“Jump To The Widget” Feature


The auto-indention feature automatically make the structure of your blog in a systematic manner. It works automatically.


  • Where Is "Expand The Widget" Option?
Now, There is no “Expand the Widget” option available in your blogger template. But, you can use a new option Format Template that does exactly the same work. Therefore, in you are reading any old tutorials and can’t found “expand the widget” box then without any second thoughts select the “Format” button located in the HTML editor. 

Format Template - Blogger

How To Revert Back To The Older Editor?

Oh! Blogger does not give you ability to revert back to the older Blogger HTML editor. You should learn the latest HTML editor because it is full of amazing features.

I hope this short tutorial guide would help you in learning the new features of the Blogger Template HTML Editor. I want to know your valuable thoughts about the enhancement. If you have any comments, then do leave them in the comment section below. Stay Blessed :)

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