Sunday, April 14, 2013

How To Check Your AdSense Earning Reports Inside YouTube Analytics!

Author: Gagan Masoun
YouTube Analytics
With YouTube you can start your own business. It may not be the largest valuable way to earn money online; but it is possible to make a good money if you are willing to put in time and effort to monetizing and promote your videos. There are a lot of people who make thousands dollars from their videos on YouTube.

It has thousands of partners who are creating video creation a full-time endeavor. For them, the AdSense and YouTube teams are making many changes to make things easier. Good news is that YouTube has integrated your Google AdSense earnings right into its Analytics. Now, you can check your AdSense earnings directly from your Videos from inside YouTube Analytics! AdSense will not calculate and display report AdSense for Content Host revenues for YouTube partners. 

Your Google AdSense earnings from YouTube videos will only be calculated by YouTube and displayed in YT Analytics. But, you will be paid via AdSense as previous.

Just go to YouTube >> Video Manager >> Analytics (Left Sidebar). Under analytics you can check overview, estimated earnings and Ad performance.

YouTube Analytics

Additional Information:

Here are the top 5 independent YouTube earners. Check their estimated annual Ad earnings below: 

1. Shane Dawson ( $325,000)
2. The Annoying Orange ($288,000)
3. Philip DeFranco ($181,000)
4. Ryan Higa ($151,000)
5. Fred Figglehorn ($146,000)

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Are you a YouTube partner? How do you like this new change? Leave your interesting comments below. And feel free to ask any question too.

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