Sunday, March 17, 2013

Verify Google Authorship Using WordPress Plugin

Author: Gagan Masoun
Verify Google AuthorshipIf you are a verified author of Google Authorship then many congratulations. Now, you can see your G+ profile info in the Google search results for each result of your blog or website. Google Authorship program is much important for webmasters and bloggers. Google is trying hard to make search results more and more reliable.

If you don't have GA and you want your authorship information in Google search results for the content you've published across the web. Then, read this short tutorial to verifying your GA. This article for WordPress users if you're using Blogspot then read given article:

Verify Google Authorship Using WordPress Plugin

Before go ahead, you must have a Google+ account with (250px by 250px) size profile photo of you.

1. Install and activate AuthorSure WP plugin

2. Go to Users > Your Profile

3. Add email address that which used to create the Google+ account must be used in your blog profile and add a link of your Google+ profile in your blog profile like this:

Users > Your Profile

4. Now, at the bottom of the page and check box AuthorSure Bio Settings and save the changes.

Check the box to include the author in the list of authors

Steps are almost done, and now the final steps is to add your site link in your Google+ profile. Follow given steps:
  • Go To Contributor To section in your Google+ profile
  • Click Add custom link, from the dialog that appears, and then enter the website URL there.
  • Click Save and Its Done :)
  • Use the Rich Snippets Testing Tool to test have your authorship verified or not. Best of luck!

I hope you liked it. If you need any help regarding this tutorial then ask me via comments below. Stay Blessed and Happy Blogging :)


  1. Was just trying to activate Authorship for my blog and got to this article. But, is there really a need of the plugin? WordPress includes a Google Plus fill-box in the Edit Profile screen and filling in the Google Plus URL inserts all the required tags into the content.
    I was just needed to add the links to my Google Plus profile and everything was done :D

    1. NARENDER, If default option is not working for you then you can use this Plugin bro. Its good to know that you have done everything properly without any plugin. Stay tuned. :)

      Gagan Masoun