Monday, February 4, 2013

Google Testing Animated AdSense Ads [Videos]

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google Testing Animated AdSense Ads
Search engine giant Google is making AdSense program more effective for publishers and advertisers. In 2012 November month, Google released larger brand-friendly ad size, and highlights of many features launched in 2012. My favorite search engine Google introduced free video ad serving in DFP small business publishers.

Now, one more amazing surprise from Google that they are testing a new ultimate feature - animated ads for AdSense. We can say that Adsense will touch the sky with this biggest changes in years!

Google Adsense Animated Ads?

Its true, Google Adsense Animated Ads Format ! Google is testing this new ad format that will animate on your blogs or websites, i.e. reform ads format when you hover your mouse over them. You will see this new ad formats in your Adsense accounts soon.

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You can check two videos below. These videos originally posted by @incrediBILL at WebmasterWorld.

Here Is A Another Video Of Skyscraper Version:

Google team is doing practical on this stuff, and there has been no official announcement yet. So we can't provide any other information yet. Stay tuned with us for future news about this update.

As a publisher, you can make a more money from Adsense. According to us these ads will attract your readers and it will definitely boost your CTR. But these are only ideas in everyone's mind. 

Do you see animated ads on your blog or website? Do you like this upcoming feature? If yes, please share with us about them via comments. Stay Blessed :)

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