Thursday, February 28, 2013

Create A Custom Login Page For Your WordPress Site

Author: Gagan Masoun
Create A Custom Login Page For WordPressIf you want to create custom login page in you WordPress website or blog, I'm going to share easy way to create it. With the help of plugin you can do this easily. This plugin will also let you create a custom WordPress registration page as well as custom user profile page. Just install and activate the Theme My Login plugin.

Go to Theme My Login menu item under Settings. It also creates a page titled “Login”. If you are already signed in, then it will show you options to edit your profile on the page.

Custom Login Page For Your WordPress
I personally like this plugin for my other WordPress blogs, it has a lot of great features which you can use for customization. Go to Settings » Theme My Login and you will see like this below screenshot:

Theme My Login - Basic

You can also use the modules from "modules tab" for more functionality of this plugin. See screenshot for more information:


After all settings you can use login form widget of this plugin to your sidebar or any widgetized area on your WordPress site. It will allow your site’s visitors to login from anywhere on your site. Now, just go to this link and install/activate this plugin today.

You can do this manually also, but I shared the simple method that requires no coding skills. Please let us know which way you prefer. Suggestion and question are welcome in the comments below.

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