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Google AuthorRank & How Exactly It Works?

Author: Gagan Masoun
All About Google AuthorRank & How Exactly It works?Google is working hard for their search results and providing quality and relevant search to users. If you are a technology news lover and your finger on Google’s pulse on a daily basis, then you would have heard about Google's AuthorRank update. This new system is about ranking of content and returning better search results to Google users.

Google knows all tips and tricks to change the game. In this article we will discuss about Google AuthorRank & how exactly it works?. Here, we'll discuss about this update deeply, because we believe this could be become the challenge for you in the near future.

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Google hasn't yet launched this ranking update, so without Google no one knows exactly what factors it will consider. Also, we don't have knowledge yet when it will release exactly. But, this is sure Google is working on AR, and might just release in next few days, or maybe after a week and so on. Here you can learn how to prepare for it, along with some tips. See AR system example below:

Google AuthorRank Example
Google AuthorRank Example ( Image Copyrights: www.seomoz.org)

What Is Google AuthorRank?

We all are familiar with Google's PageRank. High quality pages get a higher ranks in Search Results. AuthorRank, of course, wouldn't be a replacement for PageRank, but would be used to inform PageRank, therefore enabling Google to rank high-quality content more appropriately.

Google AuthorRank

An Author's rank will forcibly reputation a content's search results performance. So your reputation vary on content's performance and ranking. The better the reputation, the better the performance.

How Does Google Author Rank Work?

Search giant Google is working on many projects for giving better search results to the users. In theory this would show that the website is producing valued content that rated by highly people. The problem is that links can be created via lot of linking schemes, so low-quality content can get high-ranked positions in search results. But with Author Rank only the most respected and authoritarian content on any given subject rises to the top in results. Google considers more than 200 factors in this update.

How Does Google Author Rank Work
  • Google+ Engagement - How many people have you in Google Plus circles. This is the main sign of your popularity as an author and what is the level of your engagement on Google Plus site. Read How To Increase Your Google+ Circles.
  • Social Activity - +1s and shares will also matter for Google author rank. Other social sharing will also count as the social activity. There are so many popular social networking websites are available.
  • Other Sites The Author Has Contributed To - If you will write for popular websites/blogs then your author rank will also increase automatically.
  • Number Of Circles and Nature Of Profiles - If you will in the circles of high AuthorRank authors it will be considered good, same as high quality backlinks are considered good for a webpage.
  • On-site engagement - Number of comments an author's shared content gets, and the number of author responses.
  • YouTube Engagement - Youtube is the number 1 video sharing website. Now, making YouTube account and sharing fake videos is not enough. Number of subscribers, view of videos, engagement on YouTube etc. Killer Secrets That You Need To Know On YouTube
  • Other Authority Indicators - If you are activate on other websites then it will be considered great for you. Such as having a page on Wikipaedia or about.me sites etc.

How To Improve Google AuthorRank To Increase Traffic

Here I'm going to share the best 10 tips you need to know before Google officially launches AuthorRank.

1. Write High Quality Content - Original and high quality content is the key of online success. Everyone loves unique and fresh content. And if you want your visitors to share your content, then make your content more valuable and helpful.

2. Get Google Authorship - The second important step would be to get Google Authorship for your website or blog. This is how Google will identify you, and show your content with a digital signature in search results. If author profile will show in search results then people can easily follow you. Simply, it is a great way to increase your circles.
3. More Social Activity - I already mentioned above, the 'social' word is important now for your online business and blogging profession. Social activity will sure effect AuthorRank. Social media is the gold key for your success. So try to join and active on popular social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and so on add social media widgets on your blog or website. By adding widgets you can increase your fan following as much as you can, and interact with people.

4. Pay Attention To Google+ - While active on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, pay special attention to your Google+ network. Google playing tricks to use their social network more and more. So the more you share content on Google+, give or get +1 posts, comment on others, and get more G+ followers, the better AuthorRank you'll get as a gift from Google.

5. Create Valuable Contacts - More contacts on Google+ will make your AR more better. On the other hand only numbers will not enough, because Google will also consider the quality of contacts.

6. Encourage People To Share - This is also important factor for your AR ranking because Google might be consider this point also. Your content more +1s gets on Google+, the better it'll be for you. Make strong communication on Google+, take part in other communities. If you'll create interesting and useful content then people will automatically share your content.

7. Communicate - When some one or you go to any company for job purpose then they look for strong communication. Your AR will also depend on online communications. Google will measured it by how many comments you get on your blog posts, and how many you reply to. So for better AR, replaying to your every blog post comments, and encourage them to participate in your debates.

8. Specialize In A Topic - To get good AuthorRank try to choose best topic according to your talent.   For example, a professional health blogger will have a good AR when it comes to weight loose tips, health products etc, but that doesn't give him a good AR in cooking recipes related posts. So according to me, you will need to focus in one topic, at least at first, and get a good hold of your AR on that particular topic before catching others.

9. Guest Blogging - Now, guest blogging will make stairs for getting AR. Bloggers would look good AR to write on their blogs. So apply this idea beforehand. Try to share your Google+ profile link in author bio. Because it will help you to increase your G+ circles. For AR, it is important how many quality websites or blogs you have published your articles on. Please concentrate on writing for a high quality websites, and you'll definitely get a better Google AuthorRank.

10. Help People Out - Wait, I'm taking break! So finally I want to say, help people out as much as you can. Your readers are your family so communicate with your blog readers, and reply their every comment, since socializing is what this is all about. Readers want a permanent source for their problem's solution. They'll trust and respect you if you reply to them and give them solutions.

Hope you liked these 10 tips. If you have any questions, drop your comments below. And do tell us how you liked this small tutorial. Best Wishes :)

Author - Gagan Masoun is the owner of Blogs Daddy Blog.Gagan lives in India, has been blogging since 2010 and writing Blogs Daddy Blog since 2011.You can find him in the usual social networks.


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