Thursday, October 25, 2012

Basic Tips To Know Before Starting A WordPress Blog

Author: Gagan Masoun
Basic Tips To Know Before Starting A WordPress BlogRight after the integration of WordPress blog in your website, you need to explore the yet undefined potential of WordPress blogging tool. It is a known fact that WordPress based blogging application plays a vital role in building the reputation of website.It lets you publish the appealing contents as well as kept in constant touch of your clients.

In this way, you should make the most from this tool by practicing the proven tips before actual starting of your WordPress blog from your website. These tips will help you in integrating social networks such as twitter, Facebook, and flicker.

Additionally, you will also be able to know the needed WordPress Plugins that adds the functionality in your WordPress blog. Thus, this article is going to help you greatly. 

Decide Your Niche: 

This is the very first task that needs to be done precisely. After the integration process of blog, you need to decide your blogging niche such as technology, politics, literature and culture, and fashion etc. The selection of right niche will help you in developing the focused contents for a specific reader circle. It will bring the class specified visitors to your blog and sustain the constant visits at your website integrated blog. 

Appealing Content:

As per the decades old proverb, “Content is king”, content plays an impactful role in developing the positive interest towards your website among visitors. Thus, you should develop the optimized content for your blog. Apart from this, you should be an avid blogger for brining the large volume of online visitors at your website integrated blog. 

In this way, it is a known fact that visitors back on the blog that kept buzzing from fresh and appealing contents. Thus, it is necessary to blog fortnightly for grabbing the constant attention of online visitors.

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Integrate Facebook and Twitter with Your Blog:

Social media integration is the most essential factor for sharing your blog contents across the social media networks. WordPress gives you the option for circulating your blog content just by integrating your website blog with your social media presence. For doing so, you need to make your Facebook and Twitter presence ready for integration.

Integrate Facebook and Twitter with Your Blog

WP Plugins:

WP Plugins plays a better role in enhancing the functionality of your blog. It adds the effectiveness in your website blog. There are top five WP Plugins that are known for making the blog highly functional. All such files can be 

All In One SEO Pack:

It optimizes the contents of your WordPress blog as per the online search trends of leading search engines. Apart from this, it also supports custom URL’s.

All in one SEO Pack

Broken Link Checker:

This WordPress application is known for monitoring the broken links and missing images in your WordPress blog. Further, it notifies you about such dead ends and lets you remove these stuffs from your WordPress blog. 

Google XML Sitemaps Generator:

It is known for generating XML sitemaps of your website integrated WordPress blog. Apart from this, it also submits the website integrated blog on leading search engines like Google and Bing. 

Search Engine Friendly Image:

It optimizes your WordPress blogs. Thus, it is known for saving lots of time from manual image optimization.

No Self Pings:

This WP plugins is used for preventing the pings from our own sites and receives back links from other sources. 

In this way, it is good to know the basic tips for making your blog successful. With the help of these resourceful tips, you can increase the functionality of your blog as well as project your blog contents in a very appealing manner.

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